A different way of thinking about HR

Many organisations state ‘we value our people, people are our most important asset’. It is easy to make such claims, but difficult to live up to them. To truly live and breathe such values, it requires a shift in mindset around the way people are treated within a workplace by those who lead. It requires honest reflection, a willingness to listen deeply and the drive to translate the words ‘we value our people’ into clear actions.

When this happens, we begin to positively shift culture in organisations. Culture can be considered a fuzzy concept, it is intangible, can be tricky to measure, and therefore is often disregarded by organisations within their forward planning. That is one of the reasons why many organisations continue seeking the elusive formula for sustained success, yet many will never discover it.

Businesses benefit from happier, more productive employees.

Organisations look to their HR functions to provide the spark for cultural change.  Yet many traditional HR models can be reactive in nature, focused on policing organisational rules, with outdated performance appraisal methods. Although HR should be about people, HR becomes bogged down with process.  Not the spark for cultural change that is required.  

At Apex HR, we have codified the key steps for building a people-centric culture.  At the heart of our approach is a different way of thinking about people in business.  We call this our 4Ps model.  Within this simple model there are underlying principles that can provide the spark for any business, in any sector, to create a people-centric organisation. We believe this is the foundation on which sustained success is built within a workplace.

We believe it has never been more important to build a truly people-centric culture.  Businesses benefit from happier, more productive employees.  A happier and more productive workforce generates more profit and reduces costs, a classic win-win scenario.  Organisations become stronger and more resilient by embracing these methods.  

We believe this represents the future of HR and of the way we treat people within a workplace.  The 4Ps model provides a spark for positive cultural change.  We’d love to share our insight and expertise to inspire your organisation to build their own people-centric culture and create the conditions for sustained success.  

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At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.