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At Apex HR we believe we need to push the boundaries of HR, so that organisations are able to thrive during periods of intense change and disruption.  Our purpose is to equip organisations and their leaders with effective tools and HR capability so that they are confident and resilient.  

We believe it is possible for organisations to achieve success in tandem with improving the individual lives of the people working within them.  Our belief is that we can build stronger communities and societies by adopting this way of thinking.     

It’s about putting people first, always. This is how we change things for the better and grow profitability. It’s how we’ll ultimately build a better world.

Our culture deck describes how we help companies achieve the culture they are thriving for and how to build trust and improve the working lives of their teams.

Our HR is done the HUMAN way.

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What we do
  • HR Foundationsgetting the basics consistently right for your organisation 
  • HR Outsourcing-  save money and enhance your HR service by outsourcing and benefit from our wider business consultancy.
  • Data Protection – a bespoke, cost effective service to meet all your legal Data Protection (DP) obligations
  • Coaching- one to one coaching focussed to increase self -awareness and responsibility for results, an integral part of many organisation’s staff development plans.
  • Leadership 2.0 – our 3 phase modular online program for leaders who want to inspire their people and develop authentic people- centered skills  *coming soon
We spend more of our lives at work than on any other activity.

 The way people are treated at work therefore has a profound impact on their lives, both in the workplace and when they return home, and directly impacts on the success of the organisations in which they work.  Never has there been a greater need to re-examine our relationship with people at work, to challenge outdated HR management thinking and address head on the crisis of leadership that is evident in so much of society.

We are dedicated to working with clients across Cornwall, Devon and further afield, we are no way limited to the South West of the UK! Our message is global. Relationships between people exist everywhere in the world and we are committed to supporting in the humanising of workplaces wherever they may be.

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Our purpose is to equip organisations and their leaders with effective tools
and HR capability so that they are confident and resilient.
At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.