HR Software

Our HR Foundations package provides all of your core HR documentation, tailored for your unique circumstances as a business.
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HR Software

Apex HR is a Breathe HR certified Partner, which enables us to offer a simple and effective HR software system that will transform the way you manage your company and peoples documents and information.

We chose to become a certified partner of Breathe HR because of its simplistic functions. This software allows leaders of  business to use with ease and to focus on what they do best, empowering and leading their teams.

Breathe HR software allows easy management of peoples data, leave and absences, performance, giving recognition and much more. The software is easy to use, secure and fully GDPR compliant. It allows for all documents to be electronically kept in one place and certain permissions can be set for different people within the company reducing the need for time consuming HR admin tasks.

Our existing clients have embraced the software and have positively commented on how efficient and effective it is for data and document management.

If you would like a demo and find out more if Breathe HR will benefit your business, we would love to hear from you.

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We aim to improve the lives of your employees, not just your organisation.  Helping you find your companies ‘Why’ and shape your culture around it.  With an aim to create the conditions for sustainable success in your business.

At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.