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We believe it is very important that we look after our own, and others wellbeing.  This page and our social media will be drip fed with a range of supportive, positive and helpful messages that we really hope helps you, your families and friends. It is important everyone realises they are not alone and it is completely normal to need some help and support from time to time.  We feel it is also important that we provide positive messages of hope and optimism in a world which can feel very dark, negative and fearful right now.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see – Mark Twain

At Apex HR, we continue to be amazed by the strength of the human spirit and how communities and businesses pull together to help each other.  We want to do our part to help however we can.  Please do look out for social media posts with the #ForYou hashtag. Do please keep checking-in by visiting our ‘For You’ section on our website for regular updates.  There are also ways you can share relevant resources and materials you come across that may be helpful for others, our hope is that this idea grows organically so we can reach out to even more people who may need support in the future.

Getting accurate information from the right places is a real priority. It’s so easy to get drawn into incorrect information that is so regularly gets shared on social media. Sticking to the facts can really help bring some stability in uncertain times.  We have shared some of the essentials for you here. After the serious stuff you will find some ideas that are more fun and light hearted. It is our plan to add to the information we are sharing and welcome your suggestions as well.

So here are some essentials:

A team of independent fact checkers and campaigners who find, expose and counter the harm it does.

Money Advice is an organisation set up by the Government so the information and advice is impartial and not commercially motivated in any way. Up to date info on mortgage breaks, advice for rent, debt and much more. This website has chat facility, whatsapp phone number and email support service.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

For those in Plymouth Livewell South West have a first response number. 24 hours service available 7 days a week to help anyone over 18 in Plymouth experiencing a mental health crisis.

Specific support for young people and students :

Mental Health Charity – lots of information and support on there

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) services offer NICE recommended therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), for common problems involving stress, anxiety and depression.

An interesting article on How to cope with the winter lockdown

CAMHS is a service which provides support for children, the link below details how we can help children with mental health challenges during lockdown.

Help Children During Lockdown


Over 1500 workouts of all levels in one place.

Library of free exercise videos

For Fun – Yes fun is very much still allowed !!

The might not be together but you could set a team step challenge
You could sign up for a Macmillian games night

Do you have someone who is a natural quiz master, build your own quiz here


The Open University offer lots of really varied free courses

Learn 30+ languages online with bite-size lessons based on science

Improving Lives Plymouth

Charity linked to Citizen’s Advice that can sign post people to lots of support services within Plymouth

The Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill

For some people, home is not a safe haven. Instead, for some people, it is a place of real fear.

The government’s Domestic Abuse Bill is currently progressing through parliament. The Bill will bring into law a statutory definition of domestic abuse, as well as measures aimed at better protecting and supporting survivors and their children.

Domestic abuse, much like mental health, has been a real taboo subject. This Bill aims to increase awareness of domestic abuse, the signs to look out for and where to signpost people who need help. The stigma around domestic abuse has prevented workplaces from putting things in place that are so desperately needed by those experiencing it. With most businesses now having mental health policies and practices thoroughly in place, the aim is to now shine the spotlight on the reality of domestic abuse and adopt the same open approach to discussions surrounding this topic.

Elizabeth Filkin, chair of The Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse, said: “The coronavirus has thrown not only domestic abuse into the spotlight, but the role of employers in tackling it. We have seen critical activity from our employer members to support their staff working at home who face domestic abuse, as well as a sharp rise in enquiries from businesses wanting help and guidance to put this support in place.

“Business is taking action but cannot do it alone… Only through greater awareness among employers and staff of the damage done by domestic abuse and sharing employer best practice can we make a systemic change to the way domestic abuse is thought about and handled in the UK.”

We can all do our bit to raise awareness of domestic abuse and break down the stigma surrounding it. Familiarise yourselves with the signs that someone may be experiencing domestic abuse and the services available to help those who need it.

Some pharmacies have adopted a scheme in which a code word can be used to access help in a discrete manner. A similar trend has taken hold on social media platforms where people are encouraging the use of discrete code words to alert others that they are unsafe at home.

Bright Sky is a mobile app and website for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, or who is worried about someone else.

The app can be downloaded for free via the app stores. The app includes questionnaires to assess the safety of a relationship, plus a section on dispelling myths around domestic and sexual abuse. The website is focused on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, advice on how to support someone you have concerns for, and ways to find help.

Both have access to a unique UK-wide directory of specialist domestic abuse support services with contact details, and nationwide helplines that are available 24/7.

It is also important to remember that anyone can experience domestic abuse, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or economic status.

Let’s all commit to keeping our eyes and minds open and doing what we can to educate ourselves and others on the reality of domestic abuse. And if you are someone who is suffering, please reach out in the safest way possible. Help is out there and you do not have to be alone in this.

Domestic abuse victims will be able to “Ask for Ani” at pharmacies nationwide as part of a codeword scheme to indicate they need help.

As soon as they “Ask for Ani” which is short for ‘action needed immediately’, they will be led into a private consulting room where they will be put in touch with the police, relevant support services or helplines.


At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.