HR Outsourcing

Our HR Foundations package provides all of your core HR documentation, tailored for your unique circumstances as a business.
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HR Outsourcing

Apex HR provides a range of outsourcing and consultancy  services to support the aim of building effective HR capability and developing inspiring leadership within an organisation.

This is focused on building HR capability from within, over the long term.  The most successful organisations over the long term all have something in common.  They recognise the power of culture. It’s what ultimately drives and sustains their commercial success.

Many of our clients find it helpful to have an outside looking perspective when it comes to HR. We have saved our clients significant sums of money and enhanced their HR services for their teams through our HR outsourcing model.

This provides all the benefits of an in-house HR department but at a fraction of the cost. See the example below for the savings and benefits you could realise

Example – Company A

A 60 person multi-site retail Business

Cost of inhouse HR Department

1x HR Manager – Full Time – £30k pa

1x HR Assistant -Part Time – £15K pro rata pa

Overall HR Overhead costs approx. £55k


The In house service was described as being slow, unresponsive and reactive. It was primarily HR administration with little or no strategic challenge or impact. Apex HR was able to provide a complete HR outsourcing option with a progressive set of HR practices which have changed the business from within and enabled the business to embrace new ways of working. And the added benefit, Apex was able to cut the HR overhead expenses  about two thirds!

We have developed a simple model of HR support for organisations who want reliable HR compliance in place.

In our experience, HR processes are often characterised by lengthy, boring bureaucratic handbooks that are difficult for employees to absorb and difficult for managers to apply.  They are often issued as a ‘tick box’ process to demonstrate compliance but are seldom understood in practice.

It may not be the right time for them to embark on our HR cultural transformation options – they simply want to know that the basics are all in place and are regularly monitored independently, to check ongoing compliance.

Our bespoke HR packages provides for that.

We have written our materials in very simple, user-friendly terms, so that they explain clearly the expectations as an employer, as well as the obligations for each employee.

We believe that achieving compliance arrives when employees have a deeper understanding of the expectations and standards of any organisation.  The documentation has to be accompanied by an active process of communication and dialogue in order to explain the issues, rather than an arbitrary ‘tick box’ sign off, typically completed on day one of an induction overview but then rarely, if ever, revisited.

We are able to provide a range of Contracts of Employments, Guidelines for Working within the Business (what we call the Employee Handbook) and HR Implementation Guides so that the Manager is able to explain, with confidence, the documentation being issued and what this means for the individual in practice.  In doing so, we begin to strengthen the employee experience and commitment.

Our HR bespoke packages provides all of your core HR documentation, tailored for your unique circumstances as a business.

Although we are dealing with the need to ensure HR compliance, we feel there are creative ways to make the process more engaging and positive for all concerned.

Our HR bespoke packages also includes a comprehensive annual HR review.  This holistic approach provides added assurance that different HR considerations are being proactively managed within your business and highlights any areas of potential risk or opportunity that might arise.

For added peace of mind, you can also utilise our HR helpdesk facility for expert professional HR advice to cover specific circumstances as they arise on an ongoing basis.

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We aim to improve the lives of your employees, not just your organisation.  Helping you find your companies ‘Why’ and shape your culture around it.  With an aim to create the conditions for sustainable success in your business.

At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.