Coaching Testimonial

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Coaching Testimonial

Line Manager, Leading Retailer In Plymouth.

I’ve been having management coaching sessions with Kevin to help improve my skill set both as a manager and as a mentor. Through the sessions we’ve had Kevin had given me detailed examples of practical thinking which I can use to better communicate and manage people. Through Kevin’s strong challenge strong support model I have found already that it can be easy to tame your own emotions and help understand others in difficult situations as well as day to day management.

Some of the main takeaways I have used already from our sessions are:

Avoiding rushing when discussing issues, taking my time slowing everything down and explaining my reasons for seeing something wrong as well as really listening to what the other person has to say has shown great results for me already when dealing with these sorts of situations.

Making the most of training : asking people to transfer what they learnt at training seminars to teaching other staff has multiple benefits such as switching the persons mindset from student to teacher and as a result of the training other staff member also learning from it.

Also not avoiding difficult conversations and addressing them helps both Manager and staff member from not getting into bad habits and creates a feeling of setting and adhering to standards.

Also the chimp paradox book is helping me to not only understand my own emotions and how to deal with them but also help other people do the same.

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