The case for ‘Stay Interviews’

The case for ‘Stay Interviews’

At Apex, we’ve been fans of ‘stay interviews’ for quite a while.

More organisations should do them, they are hugely valuable!

Well, basically any form of regular one to one conversation to acknowledge a person in a business is genuinely valued. These discussions can reaffirm all the positive things that come with staying with an organisation. We need to be more human in our interactions. Creating an environment where it is normal to express appreciation for the person [and not just the job they do] and recognise what they bring to our organisations is really important.

It also provides an opportunity for the manager to seek feedback on their own management style and approach. We should never get complacent and take people for granted. Everybody likes to feel appreciated.

If we created space and time for regular ‘stay interviews’ to let people know we really valued them, we think we’d end up needing a lot less ‘exit interviews’!

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