The art of compromise

Much of life and the world of business is centred on our willingness to find compromise in difficult situations.

Yet many people can find it so hard to compromise and accept others hold a different viewpoint.

Our varied experiences mean we all see the world through a different lens. We can see the same situation in completely different ways. Seeking compromise can sometimes be viewed as a binary choice between right and wrong. Win or lose. It leads to polarisation of opinion and entrenched disagreement can result.

At Apex, one of our many over used phrases is ‘acceptance does not equal agreement’.

We may see things in completely different ways, but accepting the right for others to hold their own views is a foundation for finding compromise. Too many leaders feel they need to be tough and win at all costs in their negotiations.

As leaders, we believe if we can keep our own egos in check, and be emotionally aware, we’ll more likely find a pragmatic compromise and a ‘win-win’ outcome. The art of finding real compromise is something that seems to be increasingly rare.

As leaders, we should be creating environments where seeking compromise becomes the normal, human thing to do.




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