Silver Linings

Silver Linings


At Apex HR, we always seek the positives in any situation.

We are all dealing with worry and uncertainty. It can feel overwhelming at times. It’s normal with everything going on.

To try and keep perspective, we think about the real bright spots.

1. More of us are getting to spend quality time with our kids and loved ones

2. We are healing the planet by cutting down on carbon emissions

3. We are pulling together as a society, really seeing the best of us in terms of kindness and compassion

4. Companies are realising that more work can be done remotely, this can only be good for our future economic recovery

5. We have realised that we are all inter-dependent as a human race, countries are having to work collaboratively to find joint solutions to these challenges

6. For the first time in human history we can stay connected using video calls despite social distancing measures

7. It all feels like we’re becoming more ‘pro social’ with people reaching out to help each other in ways that wouldn’t have happened but for this

8. Many companies are innovating and adapting like never before

At a time when all the news feels negative, we think it’s important to look for these silver linings amongst all the uncertainty and worry. Take care everybody, and stay safe.



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