Data Protection Service

Data Protection

At Apex, we value data as precious and we have developed a Data Protection Service to support organisations to keep it that way.


We at Apex HR we do much more than advise and support with your people needs. We also offer a service to support you in the protection of your people’s data. This is an important part of any business, and with the recent updates in the General Data Protection regulations 2018 (GDPR), we are here to support business owners to ensure their policies and procedures are up to date and compliant with the new laws. We have been preparing and keeping fully up to date on the emerging details of GDPR in recent months, working alongside legal and data protection experts to ensure we deliver first class advice, support and delivery of onsite audits. Our services include a range of support covering
• initial observational visits
• carrying out audits and impact assessments on the data you process
• identifying an action plan to ensure data security and to protect your business from any breaches
• We are also able to support you in the best practice of handling subject access requests (SAR). Such requests if not dealt with efficiently can lead to compensation claims and we at Apex HR are available to ensure you avoid such claims
• We can train and educate your teams on the importance of data protection
For information on how we can support with your Data Protection needs, please call us on 01752 717610 or email us at

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