Practical, helpful support for busy managers

Many organisations continue to let down their managers.

We encounter frequent examples where people have been promoted to managerial positions with little support or development.

It’s often a case of, you’ve been promoted, well done now just get on with it!

Managers are left to learn on the job. They are often left to sink or swim. Stress levels increase.

Many managers feel overwhelmed in these conditions. Being responsible for others could bring a huge amount of fulfilment and joy with a different mindset and ethos.

The skills-set is one that needs to be nurtured over a time. It can be especially tricky when someone has gone from being one of the team to managing the team. Confidence is damaged when tricky and sensitive people issues emerge which managers feel ill-equipped to handle. Cumbersome and complex HR procedures do not help. There is a fear of getting things wrong which means concerns are often ignored. Invariably, they become much bigger issues to resolve later.

If managers are lucky, they may have access to a mentor who models effective leadership behaviour, someone who can help guide the way. Too often, where leadership behaviours represent poor examples internally, the cycle of poor management practice is repeated with every new person that steps into a management position.

The relationship between manager and team member is particularly important. It is often the first interface between those on the front line, at the sharp end serving customers and the management structure that exists within an organisation.

If managers are confident and equipped with the essential skills and tools to handle the people aspect of their role it makes a huge difference. It reduces stress on both the manager and team member. It fosters a sense of safety and trust. It leads to more cohesive teamwork and higher productivity.

With many countries around the world experiencing productivity gaps, they would be well served to look closely at how they support their existing managers with their own growth and development. Confident, self-assured, and emotionally intelligent people managers help to cultivate team development leading to better performance.

Organisations that invest in quality, reflective and relevant coaching support for their managers see the benefits of that investment many times over. It contributes to a better working environment, reduces risk, lowers stress levels, and enhances performance outcomes. It’s this wider contribution to culture and learning which creates long term value.

Being there side-by-side for busy operational managers is work we love doing here at APEX HR Ltd. We’ve all walked in their shoes and can relate to their challenges. The most pleasing impact is seeing the managerial confidence flow and the wider ripple effects this has for the entire organisation by investing time to support managers in their roles.

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