Positive Ripples 

We devote a good proportion of our lives in service of the organisations we work for.

The least we should expect in return is to work in an environment where we do not just survive, but flourish.

Successful, forward thinking organisations get this.  There are many inspiring examples of organisations who embrace this way of thinking and put people-centred values into practice every day.

Yet far too many organisations still treat their people as mere resources.  They see people as expendable assets to be disregarded at the first hint of difficulty.  Even worse, the working environment in too many organisations is toxic, which is harmful to individual health.  Too many people experience burn out, do not feel psychologically safe with excessive control at work.  This stifles the human spirit and erodes self-confidence.

We desperately need to shift this mindset.   It damages lives and damages business.

When we deliberately put people first, it creates positive ripples.  Good things start to happen.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it just needs to start.  All journeys begin with a single step.  One conversation, one random act of kindness or compassion can become a catalyst for positive change.   Let’s do all we can to build people up and help them to be the very best they can be.

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At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.