Temporary Job Creation Scheme

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Guide – Temporary Job Creation Scheme

The Apex team are continuing to work hard to update our clients and non-clients on the ever changing situation that is affecting employers and workers across the UK. 

The Government recently announced many more schemes and grants to retain people in jobs or to give opportunities for people that are out of work. 

We have produced an information guide to explain and give you clear information about the Temporary Job Creation Scheme. 

To access information on the scheme please click the link below

Apex HR Summary- Temporary Job Creation Scheme

We have template letters drafted  available for any non-clients who would like to formally communicate to their workforce. Please complete the contact form below….


This is general workplace advice and guidance to encourage good practices and does not constitute to legal or medical advice. Please seek further and more appropriate advice from Public Health England (PHE), NHS 111. or click the link below


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