Measures of Success

What does success look like to you?  How does your organisation measure success?

Traditionally many organisations have measured success in purely financial terms.

The bottom line has reigned supreme.  Everything else has proved secondary to the goal of maximising profit and/or shareholder value.  The very people who create the value in organisations can become collateral in this process.

Business need not be a zero-sum game like this.  Zero-sum games are by their nature, unsustainable.  So many organisations adopt a survival of the fittest mentality, you sink or swim.  It is a dog-eat-dog world view.

Having such a narrow perspective of success inevitably creates winners and losers.  When we say losers, I mean huge losses in human potential and wellbeing.  It’s not just the business which loses, the whole of society does.

What if we were to have a more holistic view of success, one which represented healthy financials for the organisation and its people?  This would represent a more sustainable and responsible approach.  What if success balanced the need for healthy profits whilst also measuring success through the wellbeing impact on people and the wider planet?

There are some encouraging moves towards more sustainable and ethical business practices, they need to be accelerated.  Some pioneering organisations have reimagined what success looks like, they have proved you can achieve healthy financial results whilst also treating people superbly.  It is the best pathway towards a healthy future for business and the wider world.

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At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.