Managers who work for their teams

For anyone who works in a management or leadership role and has responsibility for other people, having strong foundations is crucial.

Never forget, you work for your team. They do not work for you. As managers and leaders, we are there to serve the needs of our teams, not be served by them.

This is the essence of leading with humility, remaining humble and parking our egos. This is how we earn respect and build meaningful connection. Management and leadership is not about position, power, or status, it is about our ability to influence and impact positively on the lives of others. If more managers and leaders adopted this mindset and behaved accordingly, we’d inspire people to achieve better results and cultivate healthier, more harmonious teams.

It’s all within our gift to do, it costs nothing and creates lasting, serious value on so many levels. We can change things right now by adopting a different mindset if we choose to.

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