Listening with intent

Listening with intent

Seek first to understand, then be understood” [Stephen R Covey]

If there is a more essential characteristic for effective leadership than listening, we’re yet to find it.

It can be challenging in a high pressure, busy world to make time for others, to truly and deeply listen to those around you. It can also be difficult to ‘park the ego’ long enough to listen and learn, to gather new and different perspectives, to accept we don’t have all the answers and don’t know best.

When we make effective listening a true daily habit, it drives so much value and provides new insight. It also triggers a range of brilliant new opportunities to show empathy, compassion and vulnerability. It takes bravery to lead this way.

Emotionally intelligent leadership is essential to humanise our workplaces and for building trust and cooperation with people. This is a real passion for us here at Apex HR, it’s what drives us every day. The leaders who are winning are the leaders who are listening to the people around them, whether that’s to their teams, customers or other stakeholders. This is a skill for life.





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