Great conversations

At Apex HR we believe we can change organisations for the better with more great conversations.

It feels great when we participate in great conversations. These are the conversations that leave us feeling heard, respected, understood, inspired, energised, excited, and where we can benefit from new insights and perspectives. It’s how we grow.

What are the ingredients for a great conversation? In our minds great conversations are:

1. Appreciative, recognising individual strengths, character and valuing every person. They convey that people matter and we care about them.
2. Premised on deep and attentive listening free of interruption and distraction.
3. Open and curious, great conversations often go in unexpected directions!
4. Undertaken in a coach-like way. This ensures great conversations are focussed, meaningful for work/business priorities, and allow space for people to feel psychologically safe, seen and heard.
5. Generous, when participants are invested in a great conversation they allow for reflection and time for people to absorb and process information, rather than trying to rush things.
6. Relaxed and friendly, focussed on the needs of the person, rather than being preoccupied with associated form filling and recording
7. Honest, meaning that challenging or uncomfortable issues to be approached with kindness, patience, clarity, and respect rather than ambiguity and hidden messages
8. Trust builders, great conversations strengthen trust between people and pave the way for collaboration and teamwork.

Great conversations can happen in a variety of ways. They can be in person, via video, telephone and across many different channels. Wherever possible, we try to have great conversations in person as flow of conversation helps when there is a range of subtle communication cues like body language and expression available. This can enrich the experience for all participants.

In a world which can feel relentlessly rushed and pressured, we can sometimes feel too busy for great conversations. There are so many opportunities lost and it harms business performance and team morale.

Great conversations can also take place with all people that are impacted by our organisations, including customers and wider communities. Conversations ARE the relationships we have with people. Great conversations also help to elevate physical and mental health. There are multiple lasting benefits for people and therefore for organisations too.

How would you describe a great conversation? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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