Championing a new HR mindset is work we love doing.

We need a fresh approach which focusses on people and culture development.

Most people get into HR work as they deeply care about people, but then end up mired in process driven work which disconnects them from the people they are there to serve.

There is an amazing HR community out there who can become the catalyst for meaningful change but they need to feel inspired and empowered themselves.

This is a big blocker to progress and needs to change.

Too many people working in HR feel disengaged and not cared for.

It’s difficult for HR to be a catalyst if they’re feeling burnt out, overworked and devalued themselves. This needs to change so that HR can deliver the best for our organisations.

So how can we make things better?

It all starts with our mindset. It starts with bravery to embrace a broader leadership mindset focussed on cultivating a healthy environment for all people.

In HR terms, it means a close look at our principles.

To bring about positive change, we could choose to look at things a different way.

We could start seeing people as unique human beings first, not humans as generic ‘resources’.

We could see the person first, not the employee.

We could put an end to restrictive HR policies and process which frustrate people by overcomplicating things.

We could move away from outdated complex HR methods and restrictive practices which don’t work in the modern world.

We could listen more carefully without judgment to understand how people really feel in their day to day lives.

We could connect with people and relationships at a deep, personalised and human level.

We could bring our energy and passion to nurture environments where people feel safe, want to contribute their best efforts, and feel they belong.

We could embrace technology, to liberate ourselves from routine time consuming admin work.

We could bring a sharper commercial focus, which would help HR’s ability to influence and inspire positive change at all levels of our organisations.

To those who are championing human centred workplace cultures and new approaches to HR, keep going!

This is hugely valuable work for business and leads to better commercial outcomes. It transforms lives through providing a better working experiences. Every interaction makes a positive difference.

We will bring about a better world of work one conversation and one relationship at a time.

At Apex HR Ltd we believe that when people thrive in healthy, high trust work environments, business also thrives. This has to apply to HR too, HR are also people after all.

HR feeling great about itself and the work being done can become the catalyst to humanise workplaces. Adopting a new HR mindset can help to make this a reality.

In the words of the great Herb Kelleher ‘the business of business is people. Yesterday, today, forever’.

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At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.