Appreciating people for who they are

“You matter”.

Two simple words that can be so powerful.

Yet how often do we say this to people in workplaces?

More importantly, how often do we really mean it?

At Apex HR, we find holding regular ‘You Matter’ discussions with people is so beneficial. It is much more effective than the one to one or appraisal review processes we’ve seen and experienced over the years.

Too often formal appraisal and one to one systems end up being about the process and not the person. The humanity in the conversation is lost when it becomes about bureaucracy and paperwork.

You Matter discussions do exactly what the name suggests. They show through our actions that people really do matter. They are appreciated for who they are being, which is why they matter.

Having these kind of thoughtful conversations present an opportunity for us to really live our stated values. Every one of us likes to feel appreciated. By creating some space and time for regular simple conversations to show people ‘you matter’ we begin to change cultures for the better.

Sadly the first time organisations tell people they really matter is at the point they have decided to move on. It’s way too late then, we need to be intentional and tell and show people regularly that they matter. It can completely change people’s whole experience in their working lives.

The future of work is human.




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At Apex HR, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to people at work. Outdated HR thinking and methods just won’t cut it in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. It is time for a new approach.