The Next Generation

The Next Generation
I had a really enjoyable time guest lecturing with undergraduate business students at the University of Plymouth this week.
As leaders and business owners, I think it’s essential we regularly give something back. I’ve always seen a key measure of success of leadership is ‘how many new leaders do we grow’? If we can take opportunities to hopefully inspire and encourage more entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow then we’ll be leaving a true legacy of our leadership.
It was great to share some direct industry experiences and practical case studies. This helps students to relate their studies to actual examples. I think it is really important we share our experiences with students to help them in their growth and development as future business leaders. One of the best ways we can do this is to gift our time.
There was a really healthy question and answer session with lots of participation. Judging by the thought provoking questions being presented by the students it was evident how curious they were about the current challenges being faced by businesses, whether that be the uncertain economic conditions, changing consumer habits, and of course, the ability to attract and retain the very best employees and then build workplace cultures where people can do their very best work.
I’d encourage all leaders to seek out such opportunities, it is not only part of engaging the next generation of leaders but also great for our own self-development.

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